About us

Who we are

Dedicated German teachers

We are a group of teachers and native German speakers who have made it our mission to teach the German language as best we can. We care for everyone's individual learning process and want our students to truly understand German with all its exceptions and peculiarities.

Providing everything for your learning success.

We believe that to learn a language properly, you need structure and an overview of your learning process. That's why our course is structured according to grammar topics, not everyday topics like other courses. We want you to really understand the German language and not learn unnecessary sentences or word fragments without understanding the context.

Making German accessible for everyone

We do not want to exclude anyone. That is why we try to make our offer as affordable as possible. We also give refugees free access to our teaching materials.

Structured approach

In comparison to learning apps we focus on a clear structure when learning German. This will help you build out your skills properly and to make connections between topics. Furthermore, you will only learn relevant vocabulary and sentences.

Get help when you need it

You can learn as much as you want with our online course. If you're still struggling with a topic simply ask one of our tutors. They will also provide additional learning material or help you with pronunciation and speaking practice.

Jan Bahlk


Jan is a trained teacher who teaches both on and offline. After recognizing his students' need for a structured online course with meaningful learning materials, he founded Wasdas.

Sophie Sonnleitner


Sophie is a native German speaker who lived abroad for several years. Having experienced how difficult it can be to learn a language properly in a foreign country, she has joined Wasdas to make learning German easier for people.