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We want to lower the language barrier

We know, proper integration in a new country can only happen through language. That's why we are supporting refugees to learn German and help them on their way to a life in Germany.

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We will give you access to all German courses and learning materials according to the Common European Framework (CEFR / GER) free of charge.

Learn wherever you want

Only thing you need is access to the internet. Then you can learn wherever and whenever you want.

Feel more comfortable

We hope we can make learning German a little easier and make you feel more comfortable when using the German language.

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Learn with our online self-study course

Follow our structured online course and always know where you are in your learning process. Learn at your own pace as much, wherever and whenever you want.

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Illustrations of the exercises you can do, like vocabulary or writing exercises.
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Getting help when needed

If your employees are struggling with a topic our tutors are here to help. They can simply book a one-on-one online lesson with one of them to get their questions answered or to just practice speaking German.

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We offer our German courses to refugees for free! Yes that's correct. We want to support where we can. Please send us proof that you're a registered refugee in Germany and we will give you free access to our German courses.

Access to all German courses and learning materials

Clear course structure and learning process

Online study tools

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"The content is really good and I recommend the website a 100%. The materials are great and helped me to learn quickly while having a competent teacher on my side. The classes are absolutely great!"


Learns German with us since "der, die, das"

"Having attempted to learn German previously, the approach and attitude towards both lessons and the provided materials are in my opinion unparalleled. Learning a language is an investment, but with wasdas you will cover a lot in a much shorter time."


Learns German with us since "die Kartoffel"

"Awesome! Klasse! I really loved my class. The teacher was super patient. The materials are of high quality and very useful. They really care about one's learning and they are doing their best for us to understand and pronounce everything correctly. I truly recommend it."


Learns German with us since "Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut und Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid"